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About Belcat.....
Belcat has been known worldwide as reputable preamplifier and pickups manufacturer since 1988.
Our factories are located at Guangdong in China and Indonesia. Currently we are manufacturing amplifier, tuner, effect pedals, preamps and pickups and constantly developing new products.
Belcat employs trained professionals who are skilled in creative design and product exploration.
Our products reflect our diligent efforts.We are constantly exploring new frontiers for multifunctional preamps and pickups. We trust you will be impressed with our achievements.
We have a unique company profile, and our people are continually working with the latest technology, so as we can bring you the highest quality products.
We sincerely believe that Belcats products surpass all industry standards in quality and performance.
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- China Factory : Linghu-Industrial Park, Qiuchang-Town, Huiyang-District Huizhou-City, Guangdong, China. TEL : +86-752-355-7545 | FAX : +86-752-355-2460
- Indonesia Factory : JI Alternatif Tengsaw, Branta Mulya Babakan, Kelurahan Tarikolot, Kecamatan Citeureup, Bogor, Indonesia. TEL : +62-21-8794-1987/1988 | FAX : +62-21-8794-3229
- Hong Kong Office : Flat 805A,8/F1, Hopeful Factory Center, 10-16 Wo Shing Street, Fo Tan, Shatin, NT, Hongkong. TEL : +852-2375-5122 | FAX : +852-2375-5121 | eMail :
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